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Dec 21, 2014
3:42 pm
Dec 21, 2014
1:03 pm
Dec 20, 2014
7:57 am
Dec 18, 2014
2:45 pm
Dec 17, 2014
1:00 am
  • Mood: Sadness
Taken down the children images. Check out my facebook to see the art that was taken down and follow me from there for those who faved the work and wish to still see it.
My account will still be open and my art will still be up just no longer used to upload art. I still like to see people's beautiful art.
Thank you to everyone for doing your end of the deal.
I wish the fandom a healthy growth back into what it once was and finally forgets this stupid past.

Have a good Christmas and future fellow dreamers!


:star: Special thank you to the user who sent me images of Hatter X Chia and old art for me which was deleted by other users. This makes me so happy! Hatter & Chia dancing on the cover will make it so special.

:star: IMPORTANT :star:
I don't mind my friends drawing my characters. It is people who are scared of me and hate me I do not want to draw them.
If you are unsure if you can, just note me or skype me (PunkieCircus)
If someone draws my character(s) and you think they are not allowed, check with me first please. I only be checking DA for notes but best to contact my skype for faster reply.
(Please put in the contact who you are from DA or I will hesitate to add you)

:bulletred: -Yet to be done-
:bulletyellow: -half done-
:bulletgreen: -done-

kigoci's End
:bulletgreen: Edit drawings to no longer contain any of my characters or my name when searched
:star: Cannot edit the children's designs/powers or change them in any shape or form + still credit me if they are drawn. NONE of them can be changed.
(This goes for others who draw them)
:bulletgreen: Publicly apologies to the fandom
:bulletgreen: Comment to people on her "Breathless" drawing that I was not a thief

Oobaneko's End
:bulletgreen: Remove Hatter from his drawings and never draw ANY of my characters ever again
:bulletgreen: Apologies to Genko:mo for insulting and making her cry
(Way he worded a comment to sonxfanchara was uncalled for but she wants him to say sorry to Genko-mo. Bullying her was so uncalled for)
:bulletgreen: Publicly apologies to me + fandom  
(Take what I can get off him I guess, best he will give to an apology to either of us no matter how much of a hypocrite his apology isd)

Haters End
:bulletgreen: KimsSpace to remove my characters from her drawings, including on her old account. Sorry but you are scared of me and hate me. Uncomfortable to see my characters drawn by you now. You never gave me a chance at friendship so I rather not see the drawings. However thank you for the lovely art.
:bulletgreen: SonicS29 remove my characters from her drawings

:star: Unless I told you to remove them, you are perfectly find to continue drawing my character(s) ^^ I will check by often.

Sorry I am asking so much of the edits but a lot of you this year tried to get rid of me like I never existed so it is better to get rid of the links to me so you never notice them later on and be remembered of the horrible person that I am. Plus why have images/pictures of someone you hate so much?
I don't want you to remove the lovely drawings you done, just the tiny edits that need to be done, please understand that.

Thank you for the lovely art though for the past times we were on good terms. All your art is wonderful and I know you will all be really amazing artists in the future to come.

Cogetta's End
:bulletgreen: Remove the screenshots
:bulletgreen: Remove the children drawings

:police: If my haters/non-friends upload images of my characters or if Kigoci redesigns/changes the children, I will re-upload the children images and continue to use them. This is only if people break their half. I didn't make this deal for others to half-ass their end or break their half.

Part from that I am no longer uploading here and only glance on DA from time to time. I will upload my art onto my Facebook from now on if you are still interested in seeing it.
(get my skype to get my Facebook)

I am going to focus on animation for some time now.

(If a new account draws my characters, alert me. I do not want people using side accounts to get past the rule of not drawing my characters or claiming to be me. I won't be drawing them again on here but they still belong to me. Will be using them in my animation)

:star: Thank you for the lovely time in the fandom, a part from this year of course but the other two years were wonderful.
I was able to draw more and be more confident in drawing and releasing characters. I never done that before.

However because of the fandom this year and their lack of forgiveness and taking things to far, I am pretty much back to stage 1 where I am scared to share characters, ideas or try to get into any fandom.

But hey I got some lovely memories of the good times which will make a lovely scrap book and memory/NiGHTS dream area in my room. So thank you all -hugs- Including my haters. Got some of your lovely old art for me for the scrap book.
So thank you to those who linked me to images I can use for it. It will surely be filled fully with all the images I saved.

:star: Still keeping the characters I adopted, I adore Leo and he will be with me forever, will be posting more art of him on my FB very soon.

So bye friends~ Hope to see you on skype or Facebook. If you not got skype, NOTE me your Facebook
(don't want lurkers/strangers adding you)

Hope my two friend enjoy the points donated to them. 
:iconsolar-paragon: Sorry I forgot to donate points to you, I promised a friend I help her with her contest by donating points. I be happy to draw as much as I can to pay you back for the gifted premium. Please note me what you want and I will email the finished ones to you. I feel bad it is going to waste.


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Hide your candys! Hurry get on the llama, no time to explain!
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But what if it craves candy!
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