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Oct 31, 2014
5:05 pm
Oct 31, 2014
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Oct 31, 2014
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Oct 31, 2014
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Oct 31, 2014
1:45 pm
  • Mood: Sadness
If anyone want to note or comment on how horrible I am, please do so here. Be happy to post them to show how horrible I am because you misunderstood my emotions and taking my simple words as aggressive.

Skype: PunkieCircus

Or you can come abuse me on that if you want to insult or give me anything else bad I clearly deserve. Ready for all of the abuse I will be given. Rather it be said directly to me instead of behind closed doors.


For the entire year I have been eaten up inside of guilt. Because many people in the fandom refused to leave my past alone. They kept using it as an excuse for their actions and to justify it when I tried everything I could to fix it right away but was rejected. Months later it continues due to "rights" and it died down again.

I tried to get new starts with re-designing characters, gift art and more but it has changed nothing but get me more hatred from the :iconnightsocclub: and its members.

Draw a kangaroo character? NO -back to the mistake-
A comic reference children? NOPE -back to the mistake-
Oh Kigoci complained about something from you? -all attacks me with no proof nor asking my side, still gets blame for starting the problem-

Anything I did people somehow brought it back to the mistake and attacked me. Even over simple and common character designs you can easily find all over this website.

I been insulted, bullied, cyber bullied by co-founder and even sent death threats by the fandom. I cannot take that anymore. I been crying endless nights and I broke down in tears in-front of my family because of Oobaneko.
You all kept doing this to me without a care because of one stupid thing. I hope you are happy at knowing that.

What justifies those threats and insults? my past is NOT the excuse for that. If you got to know me like people have, I been nice and accepting. But no, Oobankeo thinks I have lied to them and manipulated them to being my puppets. Just because they stuck up for me like a friend should. Why is that so hard to understand?
And even if my past was a good excuse for you to bully me, what makes you think bullying me will make anything better? you think I be nicer? not upset over it? course I am being angry at being attacked.

I explained why this has happened in the "Refusing" image.

Sure, many say I shouldn't have done that and I should leave it alone. So pretty much you want me to get bullied and take it while he got away with it. That is wrong.

I don't see why it was so hard for the fandom to forgive me over something so stupid and I been moving on from since but some keep dragging me back into it.
I wanted to show you proof that he was a bully and don't want the risk of him bullying or being biased against others in the group as co-founder.

His last note has hit me hard, it is NOT because he is right, he is very wrong in-fact and proof he has not been listening to me and thinks he is always right. But because it hurt. You treated me like I was an idiot just because I stuck up to you.

All I did was want you to stop drawing my characters. That is not hard to ask for. All because you are not making profit from the drawing does not mean you can draw the character. It is called respecting the owner of the character.

I hurts so much that the fandom has gone this far and done this to me. All I wanted was to make things right but all that happened was me getting
bullied even more just for sticking up for myself. You accepted it when Kigoci and other users did it. So why not me?
I will never forget what I did, I am always reminded of it and miss people dearly. But being on DA is making everything worst for me unless I become people's agreeing puppet.

So to :iconkigoci:, congrats, I won't draw the Children anymore. Act like none of our past existed like you wanted. Good radiance to me huh? no more panic-attacks. Happy my protecting over you and wanting what was best for you for those years went to nothing. But now you have :iconsonics29: to make you smile everyday and have a Nightmaren family with. Sure she can make one for Chia.

:iconoobaneko: I don't want you drawing any of my characters but you won't listen. How can you sit there drawing my characters while it makes me sick to my stomach? characters you know I own 100% rights to and you known none of the rights. But you enjoy ruining other users lives like you have just done to me.

:iconkimsspace: scared of me over something so small, acted nice to you and yet still you judged me from all that time ago, not even considering the good times and the fact people can have their odd moments. Be happy with you free art.

:iconazelforest: Told you the truth as you asked and now I am blamed and bullied because you got scared of me over a little truth telling which you asked for and never had the heart to give me another chance at friendship no matter how many times I was there for you in the past.

:iconsolar-paragon: I am so sorry that your premium gift is going to go to waste. But thank you for everything.

I know only my watchers will see this and none of the old friends but it wouldn't matter if they did. They would all turn a blind eye on the "manipulative" user that I am. All I am left with is a very sour taste and view on what was once a wonderful and accepting fandom with open arms. I just hope one day I can find another one like it.

I hope you are all happy on your own actions with you have done with your clear own minds because you refused to forgive something so small.


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